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Robert McKinlay, Senior Project Manager

9. Keep deadlines and deliverables realistic - Be honest with yourself about what you can produce and in what time frame. Nobody likes a broken promise so low volume, high quality work will always carry more weight than vice versa and the results will be better for you. Better for your schedule, better for your sanity and ultimately better for your clients.

10. Sending things to print is horrendous – Panic, cold sweats, the whole lot! Reading something for the 500th time that you already know is absolutely perfect is a horrible experience. The self doubt can be crippling. Keeping that laser focus is tough but there comes a time when you have to just hit the button and commit! Back yourself into the contest and trust your ability or before you know it your eyes will actually begin to melt and your brain will go to mush as you Google the proper use of the semi-colon... Wait, I before e?!?

11. One thing at a time – Like my Granny says there should be butter on every bite of your toast. Don’t spread yourself too thin, it doesn’t help anybody. You start too many plates spinning and before you know it you are in the business of just keeping them on the sticks instead of producing quality work. Step by step, piece by piece, one brick at a time and the fruits will be all the sweeter.

12. KISS – Keep it simple, stupid! Shop talk is out… Explain things in as few words as you can. Don’t use 10 when 4 will do. Technical jargon is by it’s very nature exclusive. What if you don’t know what the acronyms mean? Does that mean that those rules don’t apply to you? Of course, it doesn’t. Your message has to pop, it has to hit you in the face and make you instantly go ‘oh, I had better pay attention here’.


Thank you for following this series and here's to the next dozen...

A mixed dozen...

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