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This month (October 2019) marks the first anniversary of Fred's Book of the Month page!

We can't thank you all enough for reading, encouraging and engaging with the content we have put out over the past year and we are grateful for every like, every comment, every retweet and every kind word that you have sent back our way.

It spurs us on to create more and more for you and means the world to us at WABT.

To celebrate a whole year of Fred, we have gone with something a little different… We hope you like it.


Circular is the annual journal of The Typographic Circle. A not-for-profit organisation bringing together people with a love for design and typography. This is their 20th edition with the theme being:


Firstly, Circular is gorgeous to look at. From the large format, experimental type used in titles and articles to the brilliantly diverse array of examples covering everything from signs, poster campaigns, book covers, record sleeves, art projects … The entire thing, cover to cover, is so clearly designed as visual indulgence and decadence and at no point leaves you wanting.

Black words on white page. There is much to be outraged about, and much to change.
Records sleeves from the band The Pixies on black pages
Black text on white page. Protest, like politics, moves in cycles.

Secondly, the written content is by no means overlooked and is varied and interesting. With committee members submitting articles based on their inspirations. Including fond memories of influential teachers, memorable interviews, an A-Z of inspirational people portrayed in type and many personal collections of designed materials which drove the contributor to do better and be better.

Open book with white pages. Large letter P on left page and large letter R on right page. quotes below each letter

Inspiration vs Reality. I would always place my bets on inspiration. It can come from anywhere if you're inspired to look for it. - Anthony Long, Co-founder and Creative Director, Media Vita Ltd

This is the primary pleasure of Circular and journals like it. At their best, they are able provide the same kind of mental stimulation, sense of wonder and source of inspiration as a gallery exhibition, a film season or a musical compilation. Specifically curated pieces all coming together to form a whole larger than the sum of its parts is a natural breeding ground for creativity.

In the end exciting information beautifully presented will always inspire.

That’s what we are all about.




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