Creating A Toolkit For Internal Comms


A UK national company, this client is in a period of rapid growth. They want their people to understand how the company works and where it’s going. They want everyone in the workforce to see how their role contributes to overall success. They want to make sure the behaviours are in place that will help the company as it continues to expand.


There’s simply too much to juggle. The company is dealing with on-the-ground decisions about financing, locations, plant, recruitment and so on. They just don’t have the time to focus on ‘softer’ issues like employee communications. But they understand that those issues are just as important, and want to make sure they are dealt with properly.


Our approach here is simple – we temporarily take the whole business out of the client’s hands. The objective is to create a simple toolkit that the client can pick up and run with, so employee communications almost take care of themselves.

We will:

  • Work with the client to identify key topics, objectives related to those topics, and how they want to measure results against those objectives
  • Identify existing company communication channels and/or creating new channels if needed
  • Create a brand that identifies those communications that help employees understand what’s expected of them, and what they can expect in return
  • Build content and communications materials and a strategy for their deployment and use
  • Provide guidance and training (if needed) to make sure key people understand how to use the communications toolkit. They can then pass that learning to others. Everyone understands how the toolkit works and when to use the materials it contains


Planned communications that fit and reflect company strategy and that support growth by ensuring everyone understands their role. A client able to focus on other elements of their business, without neglecting the need to keep their people engaged and involved. Ongoing communications support whether we’re on-site or not.


Clients are busy people. We understand that. They don’t always have the luxury of time to spend on planning and implementing communications campaigns, however important those campaigns might be. They don’t want to engage in endless sessions about planning, designing and implementing a messaging strategy. Which is why we take it out of their hands.

With minimal involvement from the client, we do the donkey work. The end result is that they have a kit they can deploy at identified, strategic times with minimal effort. We’re still there to support with metrics and measuring, but we’re not holding their hands. We’re on-call as and when we’re needed, but we’re not a permanent presence. We’re there to take up the slack, not the client’s time.

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