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Not literally. Not many of our clients have actual elephants on their premises. But all of them share some great big problems that they’d rather just went away. You know, elephants in the room. (See where we’re going with this?)

There are some pretty good reasons to ignore elephants (especially if they're in your room): 

  • They're big. 
  • They're scary. 
  • They're best seen from a distance. 

That’s why they make such a good metaphor for those looming, difficult-to-deal-with issues we’d rather just ignore or work around.

In our world, those issues tend to be around communication, particularly communication about challenging subjects. Health and safety. Company and HR policy. Because busy people don’t prioritise them. Our job is to change that.

Fortunately, we’re what you might call elephant experts. We know how to get those pesky pachyderms out of your room and right off your path to progress. Because we've dealt with them time and time again. And we know how to tame them.

We Are Brass Tacks. Internal Communications Consultancy. 3x3 grid of black circles with yellow elephants inside.


We start by analysing your business, and identifying where the issues lie. We talk to people at every level of your organisation. That way we know what they think now, where they’d like to see change, and how they feel that change might be delivered.

We analyse their input against the background of your ambition. That identifies the gaps between the actual (where your business is) and the ideal (where you want it to be). Then we develop a strategy to fill those gaps.


If any strategy is going to succeed, it needs to focus on your people. It needs to address their concerns, acknowledge their wishes, and reflect their input. That way you not only get (for example) an improved health and safety culture, you also get stronger, more open, more actively engaged teams. 

That’s not to say we’ll ignore your business plans. Because as well considering what your people want, we’ll think about what your business needs. So the end result is a strategy that works alongside — and adds to — the strategic frameworks and business planning you already have in place.


The next step is to create the messaging you need. Messaging that will actively engage your people and encourage them to change or adapt their behaviours. So we combine consumer and behavioural psychology, advertising principles and bold creative thinking to generate comms that inspire, influence and engage.


More than that, we’ll make it look good. We create an internal comms ‘brand’ that makes all your messaging stand out. That gives your audiences something to identify with. Something that’s specific to their needs.


So. We’ve got the principles down and we’re literally looking good. But that’s not enough. Your average elephant has a thick hide, and pretty posters with matching PowerPoints aren’t going to get through it. Just as well the beauty we produce is more than skin deep. Our lovely design is backed by solid training and teaching materials that we know will work, because we’ve seen them work time and time again.

We’ll create (and deliver, if you want us to) a connected series of teaching and learning tools that tell everyone, at every level:

  • What you’re trying to achieve and why it matters
  • What they need to do to deliver your strategy
  • How their role interacts with all others
  • What’s expected of them in terms of future behaviour

If you want to get your elephants trundling back to the jungle, you need our expert combination of behavioural strategy, clear messaging and bold creative. You need to influence how people think, how they feel and how they behave. You need to exit those elephants, and clear a path to positive change.

Our job is to make this process easier for you. So let’s start by helping you spot the elephants lurking in your rooms. Click here to see our handy field guide. Then give us a call on 0141 212 2481.

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