We start with a blank slate. No preconceived ideas of your business, your problems or your budget. We get to know you. Your people. Your culture. Your environment. Because this kind of communication has real consequences. So it's important to get it right for you.


    You can't solve a problem unless you understand the cause. That's why almost everything we do begins with consultancy. Once we know how your people behave, how they seek out, absorb and retain information, we can create an ongoing communications strategy that works for them.


    Then we hand over to the creative team.


    They'll write, design and build the materials you need to deliver that strategy. We do all the standards — presentations, posters, workbooks etc — and do them well. But we also like to explore alternatives. Technology. Animation. Games. Smart ideas that grab attention even before content is revealed.


    • Cuts through corporate layers to the heart of the issue 
    • Turns intangible information into achievable direction
    • Consistent, tactical comms across your organisation
    • Motivates change without fear


    • Powerful content that delivers challenging messages
    • Innovative, inspiring, interesting materials
    • Distinctive identity makes messaging stand out
    • Motivates engagement




    = KAPOW !

    • Crafted solutions — nothing off the shelf
    • Specialist expertise and a committed client roster
    • Transparency, honesty, openness and integrity
    • Always learning 



    We Are Brass Tacks. Internal communication specialists. We ask and listen.

    Achieving real change means asking a lot of questions. Starting conversations. Listening to what you and your people have to say. We need your input to make change sustainable. When we know what makes your business and your people tick, we can find ways to reach the results you want.

    We Are Brass Tacks. Internal communication specialists. We analyse and lead to create innovative strategy.

    Once we understand your goals, we assess, analyse and advise on the gaps. That’s the foundation of an intelligent strategy. One that shows, clearly, what you need to do and how you need to do it. Then we make it happen. We create communications, content and training people want to interact with. We lead you all the way to the right result.

    We Are Brass Tacks Internal communication specialists. We deliver and add value. Increased engagement. Guaranteed results.

    You can trust us to deliver, because our goals are the same as yours. Lasting solutions. Added value. Increased engagement. Improved bottom line. We stay with you until everything works. If something is going well, we leave it alone. If something isn’t working, we fix it. Results are guaranteed.

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