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    • FTSE 100 
    • 11,000+ Employees 
    • 14 Countries

    "When we have complex messaging to deliver to a widespread audience, and it is essential to be sure that messaging is delivered simply, accessibly and innovatively, I have no hesitation in recommending WABT. The strategic campaigns and communications they have delivered across our businesses have made a significant impact on creating positive change within our Group."

    John Barcroft, Head of Group Sustainability, DCC Plc.




    DCC plc is a leading international sales, marketing and support services group operating through four divisions: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Retail & Oil, Healthcare and Technology. They have a strong focus on performance and growth



    We've been working with DCC for several years, evolving their behavioural safety programme — SAFETY F1RST — across multiple divisions, countries and operations.



    The company wanted to improve the health and wellbeing messaging for all employees. As part of that drive, we were asked to develop, create and design a group-wide health and wellbeing pack. The pack would be distributed across the group and its subsidiaries to help workforces engage with health and wellbeing.



    We wanted this subject to be accessible to everyone in the business, so the messaging was centred around creating conversations, rather than creating experts.



    We created three individual packs (General Introduction, Physical Wellbeing and Mental Wellbeing) as well as supporting workshops to help company leaders and managers deliver the messaging.


    The interactive, presenter-led workshops, based around a central animation, helped to explain the purpose of the packs, the subject matter in them and the way they should be deployed.


    The roll-out across the company was further supported by a Manager's Guide, designed to provide a permanent reminder of the workshop materials and ensure the roll-out was implemented successfully.



    WABT are working with some of the larger DCC plc subsidiaries to help embed the health and wellbeing message and make it a standard part of the company's culture.


    • FTSE 250
    • 5000+ Employees 
    • UK

    ""WABT are strategic in their approach and consistently make this kind of communication look great, helping to embed complex strategy quickly and with real impact. They make sure our messaging and the purpose behind it is taken seriously across the business."

    Steve Holmes, Director of HSSA,
    Pennon Group




    Pennon is one of the largest FTSE 250 environmental infrastructure Groups in the UK, comprised of water and waste companies and a workforce of around 5,000 people. Their ambition is to become the safety leader in their industry.



    As a newly formed Group function, Pennon appointed a progressive HSSA Director who sought to develop a central strategy to achieve that ambition.

    We have been working closely with Pennon for the past two years to create a strategic, employee-centric culture change programme and Health, Safety, Security and Assurance communications framework.



    Pennon wanted a robust, recognisable HSSA framework and a safety brand platform to support an improved culture of safety across all its companies. The company leadership wanted every employee to not only value his or her own safety, but also to take ownership of safety for their colleagues and the communities they work in.

    Working in consultation across the company, we designed stakeholder workshops to create buy in to those ideals and to demonstrate the power of having an HSE rallying cry. We developed a model that went beyond rules and compliance to explore both systems and behaviours and sought to embed safety as a value through an induction-style learning approach.

    We created the visual brand identity, along with the vocabulary and communications framework that would deliver it. The brand was is called HomeSafe — because Pennon want everyone to go home safe at the end of the day.



    The HomeSafe induction programme is now well underway, and has generated great feedback from the workforce. The company has already seen changes in behaviour resulting in a reduction in lost time incident frequency, as well as an increase in safety awareness. HomeSafe is now the vehicle used to generate improvements in safety systems, process and culture.



    As HomeSafe induction continues to roll-out across the company, augmented by a refreshed 2025 Strategy, WABT continue to work with Pennon to develop HomeSafe thinking, tools and techniques.

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